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Custom Cnc Foam Cutting Services

JTEC is now offering custom CNC foam cutting services. If you need replacement foam wings, rudder, horizontal stabs or if you have a new design that you you would like to try send us an email at sales@jtecrc.com about the possibility of having your foam parts cut.

Prices are based on file conversion, setup time, materials used, and cutting time. All files are proprietary to that customer and will only be offered to other customers with consent from original customer.

If you wish to have a file cut, here are some things we will need to know.

  • Airfoil
  • Root Length
  • Tip Length
  • Tip Sweep
  • Panel Length

Note: The above suggestions are designed to help make your project more cost effective for you, if needed JTEC will be glad to layout your project. As for materials, a variety of materials are available so if you have any requests please let us konw.




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