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Dalton Aviation 42% Extra 260



Originally designed in the early 90's for competition in the Tournament of Champions the Extra 260 has been refined over the years and is still a very competitive airframe. Great for both IMAC and 3D flying!

42% Dalton Extra 260 Specs

  • Wingspan: 123"
  • Length: 109.5"
  • Engine 150/170cc
  • Weight: 35-39 lbs depending on engine and equipment choice

Dalton Extra 260 Builders Kit Features:

    • laser cut fuselage parts
    • Plug In Foam Wings
    • Plug In Foam Stabilizers
    • Foam Vertical Fin & Rudder
    • All balsa sheeting and hardwood stringers
    • Premium Fiberglass Cowl & wheel pants
    • Clear plastic Canopy
    • Full Size Plans
    • Detailed Instruction Manual
    • Designed For Canister Style or Tuned Pipe Exhaust Systems
    • Designed to Accomodate3 Servos Per Wing
    • Designed to Accomodate 2 Servos Per Elevator Half
    • Aluminum landing Gear
    • Carbon Fiber Tail Wheel
    • 8 Composite Control horns
    • Wing bolts & Blind Nuts
    • Spar Material


42% Dalton Extra 260 Kit Qty: Price: $1799.99
Extra shipping charges will apply

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Available Accessories:

J & J Tailwheel


J & J Carbon Fiber Flat Style Tail Wheel Assembly Qty: Price: $80.00
Not a Stocked Item

J & J Titanium Tail Wheel Assembly Qty: Price: $75.00
Not a Stocked Item

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Desert Aircraft DA-170



Desert Aircraft DA-170 Qty: Price: $1715.00
Not a Stocked Item

Muffler Set for DA-170 Qty: Price: $175.99

Desert Aircraft DA-200



Desert Aircraft DA-200 Qty: Price: $2840.00
Not a Stocked Item

2n1 Muffler Set for DA-200 Qty: Price: $259.99







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