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Dalton Aviation 40% Extra 300 SP


    The new 300 SP is now available. The fuselage has been reegineered for easy assembly and now has a foam belly pan instead of stringers. The 300SP was designed for the serious IMAC competitor. Taking what we learned with the popular 300 ML and incorporating its design along with some new construction technics to speed up the construction process and ensure that the aircraft comes out straight and true. The new 300SP comes complete with all balsa sheeting, high quality fiberglass parts, scale carbon fiber gear, and carbon fiber wing and stab tubes! A good build thread can be found here and takes you from kit to maiden flight. Also on this page is a link to the instruction manual.


    Extra 300 SP Builders Kit Features:

      • Includes balsa & hardwood materials needed for construction
      • Premium Fiberglass Cowl & wheel pants
      • Plug In Foam Wings
      • Plug In Foam Stabilizers
      • Foam Vertical Fin & Rudder
      • Designed For Canister Style or Tuned Pipe Exhaust Systems
      • Designed to Accomodate3 Servos Per Wing
      • Designed to Accomodate 2 Servos Per Elevator Half
      • Full Balsa Fuselage sides
      • Carbon Fiber Landing Gear
      • Carbon Fiber Tail Wheel
      • 8 Composite Control horns
      • Wing bolts & Blind Nuts
      • Spar Material


    40% Dalton Extra 300 SP Kit Qty: Price: $2199.99
    Extra shipping charges will apply

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