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JTEC Radiowave is proud to manufacture all or our exhaust systems and aircraft here in the United States. We are the oldest muffler manufacturer in the U.S. and offer thousands of different exhausts systems. We manufacture exhaust systems for almost ever two stroke engine on the market.

All of our Aircraft are designed and manufactured right here in North Carolina using the latest technology available. Each of our kits are manufactured using our CNC laser, CNC router, and CNC hot wire foam cutter. We also offer kit cutting services including foam cut parts.


Whats New At JTEC Radiowave


JTEC Radiowave would like to congratulate Greg Marsden from Team Canada on his Second Place finish in Advanced at the 2014 IMAC World Championships. Greg flew the 2.7m Radiowave Extra 300CS and was the only pilot to use electric.


JTEC Radiowave helps team from the United Kingdom at IMAC World Championships. JTEC provided U.K. team members with 3.1m Radiowave Extra 300CS & 2.7m Radiowave Extra 300CS airplanes after the team had issues getting theirs to the event.


Radiowave 2.7m Extra 300 SR Kit

JTEC RADIOWAVE introduces the all new 2.7m Radiowave Extra 300 SR Builders kit

Click Here for more information



JTEC Radiowave HP-90 Tuned Pipes

tuned pipe

Check out our New HP-90 Tuned pipes for your 70-90cc Single or 140/170cc Twin

Click Here for more information


Radiowave Extra 300 Kits

Check out our full kit version of our 2.7m, and 3.1m Extra 300's and Introducing our Competition Series of Aircraft.

3.1m Radiowave Extra 300 Competition Series

2.7m Radiowave Extra 300 Competition Series

2.7m Radiowave Extra 300

Trueworthy Pitts 12 Short Kit

JTEC Radiowave is proud to be exclusively offering the Pitts 12 short kits designed by Bob Trueworthy.

Click Here for the 41% Pitts 12 Short Kit

Click Here for the 26% Pitts 12 Short Kit

52% Pitts 12 Short kit - Coming Soon


1/3 Scale Clipped Wing Taylorcraft Short Kit

Click Here for the 1/3 Scale Taylorcraft Short Kit



3.1m Radiowave MX2 Competition Series

Click Here for more detail on the 3.1m Radiowave MX2



DLE-20 Wrap Around Pitts Style Mufflers

DLE-20 In Cowl Mufflers

DLE- 20 Side Mount Mufflers

DLE-20 Pitts Style Muffler

DLE-20 Side Mount Muffler for Profiles


Desert Aircraft DA-60

DA-60 Wrap Around Pitts Mufflers

DA-60 Airplane Specific Wrap Around Pitts Mufflers

DA-60 Side Mount Muffler

DA-60 Canister

DA-60 Plywood Mounts


DLE 85

DLE-85 Wrap Around Pitts Muffler

DLE-85 In Cowl Muffler

DLE-85 Side Mount Muffler







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