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Snuf Vibe Kits

Snuf Vibe Kit adapted to a JTEC mount


Snuf Vibe Kits

JTEC's Snuf Vibe Kits are designed to take your regular mount and make it a Snuf Vibe Mount. Each kit include all the parts you will need to convert your mount. Snuf Vibe kit includes four mounting bolts, twelve neoprene groments, eight flat washers, and four blind nuts as pictured below.


contents of a snuf vibe kit





SNUF VIBE KIT 6-32SV Qty: Price: $16.95




SNUF VIBE KIT 8-32SV Qty: Price: $18.95




SNUF VIBE KIT 10-32SV Qty: Price: $21.95




SNUF VIBE KIT 1/420SV Qty: Price: $42.95





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